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Never Clean Gutters Again 608-422-1422 

Gutters need to be protected without constant care they're a breeding ground for nesting pests, insects, and seedling growth

Impact eliminates gutter maintenance & & prevents unwanted foliage growth...!

Protect your largest investment

Impact Gutter Protection destroys the competition every single time.

Including installation, Impact cost less typically by 30-40% It's your money Impact lets you keep it in your pocket.


Compare us to the other guys

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Financing as low as $48 Mo! 

What's in your gutter? 

Save up to 40% with our exclusive factory-direct Pricing

Impact Gutter Army has the most versatile and strongest gutter protection product available on the market. Our product is made of a solid piece of aluminum making it 5 times stronger than the leading competitor. Gutter guards made of plastic (vinyl) cannot “weather” the harshness of extreme temperatures, nor the test of time.  Choosing the stainless steel mesh insert that meets the need for your homes’ specific environment separates our product from every other gutter guard. Whether you have pine needles, oak leaves, crepe myrtle leaves, high pollen, high water flow areas any other debris, we have the product to meet your needs. Our product will allow you to change the mesh insert at any time without having to uninstall and replace the entire gutter guard.

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                                                                   LIFETIME PERFORMANCE WARRANTY


Impact extends a Manufacturing & Design 20 YEAR PERFORMANCE WARRANTY. This warranty guarantees that the installed gutter protector will keep the interior of your gutters from clogging if installed to our factory specifications, and we stand behind our warranty with a money-back guarantee. Impact will, at its sole discretion, either replace any failing area of the with a new or reconditioned insert that returns the guard to its original operational standard, or refund you 100% of the installed gutter protector product material cost (refund is not inclusive of any labor or shipping charges imposed by the installer).


Impact provides a LIFETIME MATERIAL DEFECTS WARRANTY.  Gutter Guard will be free from any factory defects in material from the process of manufacturing. If the product is found to have a manufacturer defect, Impact will repair or replace the defective parts at no charge. We also guarantee that the finish of our product will not chip, bubble or flake under normal conditions of wear. Our warranty is limited to the terms, exclusions, limitations, requirements and legal rights stated within this warranty.


In the event you sell your home, the balance of the warranty will transfer to the new owner. Change of Ownership forms can be obtained by contacting our corporate offices.


The above mentioned warranties are void if any of the following apply: Damage caused to product from any outside force whether natural or accidental in nature, performance failures due to improper installation, damage during installation, natural wear caused by weather or other unique environmental conditions, damage caused by any chemicals, improper use of product other than intended by manufacturer, removal of product, excessive heat or cold, contact with dissimilar materials, insert clogging due to unnatural occurrences, such as, but not limited to, tampering with or introducing a foreign element to the mesh not typically found naturally owing from a roof (such as paint, caulk, adhesive etc.).


In order for the Performance Warranty to be honored, the installed gutter protector MUST BE INSTALLED to the manufacturer’s specifications. This warranty covers the installed gutter protector product only. Impact reserves the right to cancel or change this warranty without notice. All existing warranties already in place will be honored. Due to normal product weathering and slight color variations from paint mills, replacement products may differ in gloss or color from the originally installed product. If for any reason, products of the type at the time of warranty claim are no longer available, Impact reserves the right to substitute a product we deem as comparable in quality and price.

                            What Our Clients Say



Aluminum, Not Plastic, Worth the Price

“We have been dealing with clogged gutters for years. We had our old gutters replaced and installed new ones withImpact Brands Usa to protect the gutter system. We chose Impact Brands Usa because it was made of aluminum, not plastic, and the price was thousands less than the leading competitor! This product solved the problem, and trust me, it was worth the price.”




Better Product for the Money

“We have 2 enormous trees that constantly clog our gutters each year. We had several companies come to the home and pitch different products from cheap to extremely expensive. We picked Impact Brands Usa because we felt we were getting a much better product for the money. Thank you!”




No High-Pressure Sales, Straight-Forward Pricing

“My husband has been cleaning our gutters for years and recently fell from the ladder. We have several quotes from varying companies and chose Impact Brands Usa because of the product and the process. No high-pressure sales tactics and straightforward pricing made sense for us. We even were able to finance over 18 months with no interest. My husband and I are very pleased”

– Debbie B. 



Love the Product, Company

“Absolutely love this product and company. From the free estimate to the installation and customer service, the company treats people like they did back in the day when customer service meant something. The product has been on our home for a year and the re-alignment of gutters with the product has the water going where it should. If you want to be treated like a King or Queen, call Caleb at Impact”

– Bernard G. Sun Prairie



Great Service, Product

“I don’t have the time to clean gutters regularly. I called Impact Brands Usa and others for a quote. Since I don’t live at the property full-time, I asked that the companies come out to the property and provide a quote.  was willing to come out without me being present. They installed the product. Great service and product and highly recommend”

– Tom S.

Don't Get Played by Poorly Performing Gutter Guards!

Plastic gutter guards are touted as being a lifetime solution for your home. They might be a tad bit cheaper than stronger aluminum, gutter guards, but plastic micro mesh gutter guards come with a few disadvantages that you should take into consideration.


Plastic costs less than aluminum, but it isn’t as durable. In fact, plastic gutter guards can become bent or warped over time, especially when they’re exposed to severe weather, such as hail and strong storms. They might also be damaged by falling tree limbs from storms or high winds. Plastic gutter guards can even warp and break just from being exposed to heat and cold over the years. Exposure to UV light from the sun can also damage them.

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