Damage caused by  failing gutters

Landscape Damage:

Water in clogged gutters sometimes overflows and spills onto your siding. In addition to drenching your siding and damaging your insulation, this excess water can wreak havoc on your flower beds, trees, and shrubs located near the base of your home.

Foundation Damage:

The purpose of gutters is to divert water away from your home. When it can’t do so because of clogging, its very purpose is defeated. You run the risk of foundation issues that can compromise the security of your home. If you’ve noticed that your gutters are not as efficient as they used to be, be sure to turn to ABM Services and Renovations for replacement gutters.

Wood Damage:

The fascia boards that hold the gutters in place are often made of wood, making them vulnerable to damage whenever the gutters get clogged. Even wooden siding isn’t exempt, as frequent exposure to water spilling over the sides can cause damage over time.


Water trapped in clogged gutters has nowhere to go. The sheer weight of the water can separate your gutters from the roofing system. When this happens, you run the risk of falling debris from different parts of the gutters. Sagging gutters also create an eyesore that diminishes your home’s overall curb appeal.​